Are you having problems with birds entering your chimney? Have you ever had a fire go out because it starts raining outside? If so, it may be time to consider installing a chimney cap. This device is specifically designed to make your chimney safer for operation and offers quite a few benefits when installed.

Chimney caps will keep water, animals, and debris out of your chimney

Water – as you know, water can quickly ruin a romantic night in front of the fire. Installing a chimney cap will prevent this from happening. However, water putting out the fire is not the only concern here. Excess water in the chimney may lead to mold and a musty smell that permeates the entire home.

Animals – the last thing you want is to find a bird flying around in your chimney. They may even nest, resulting in expensive removal costs. Also, keep in mind, chimney swifts are protected by law and if they create a nest in your chimney, you have to wait until they leave before removing it. This could result in significant down time for your fireplace if you use it all year around.

Fire Prevention – when your fire burns, embers can drift up the chimney and outside of the home. If these embers come into contact with something flammable before being extinguished, it could create a fire. Actually, there are a significant amount of fires every year traced back to this exact cause.

While a chimney cap installation is recommended, you should know that its installation would create some maintenance as well. For instance, the screen may gather soot and debris over time. If the cap is not cleaned properly, it could result in smoke coming back down the chimney because it cannot escape. However, this situation is quickly rectified with a quick cleaning by your local certified chimney sweep. Make sure you call one today!