We Sell, Install & Maintain Gas Logs!

The convenience of a gas-burning fireplace is tough to beat, and the convenience of turning it off or on at the flick of a switch just makes it a great way to enjoy your fireplace. If you presently have a fireplace burning wood and desire to change to gas as its the fuel , then we will certainly assist you in that goal. Since we sell and install gas logs, we can ensure that you have a properly operating system for years to come.

This is where our expertise comes into play. Our CSIA-certified techs will handle the preparation of your fireplace, chimney, and new gas log set so you’ll be able to enjoy the ambience that you desire. Our technicians will also sweep and inspect the chimney per the requirements of the National Fireplace Institute to ensure your chimney and fireplace is up to par for your new gas log set.

A new gas log set requires a fireplace and chimney that is suitable for use with wood in order to properly and effectively function. Additionally, a gas log set should never be a consideration as a resolution for a chimney or fireplace that is not in good working order.

gas fireplace log set burning
gas log set of several logs with fire burning
large gas log set with fire burning

Shopping For A Gas Insert, Stove, Or Fireplace?

So if you are considering a new gas log set, insert, stove, or fireplace, we offer a variety of styles from which to choose that will provide the aesthetic that you need. We provide various styles of logs to select that’ll give you the appearence that matches your décor. we go above and beyond to ensure that your fireplace and chimney meets all standards to properly provide you safe and efficient use of your new gas log set.


Our chimney catalog includes everything you need for your hearth or outdoor living needs, like dampers, chimney caps, and more. Check it out today!