Extend the Life of Your Chimney with Waterproofing

One of the biggest challenges for chimney care is the damage that water penetration does to the brick and mortar. This is because the average chimney above the roof line is exposed to rain, wind, extreme sun, ice and snow. Proper design is a critical factor in the lifespan of a chimney and proper maintenance can be the thing that makes the difference in the lifespan over many years. Knowing the best products to waterproof and protect the outside as well as the inside of your chimney is one of the things a professional chimney sweep can help you with.

It’s extremely important to have a product that is 100% vapor-permeable so the smoke and fumes that escape through the brick can continue to do so while the water is not allowed to pass through.

Environmental Chimney Service uses ChimneySaver products because they have been tested to ASTM Standards and were found to reduce water penetration by 96.9% while remaining 100% breathable, which is exactly what you need in a chimney wall.

Here’s the thing, though. You can only get access to the ChimneySaver products by scheduling a professional application. These solutions aren’t available at your local hardware store to pick up. Book with us so that the job gets done right with products that are sure to last.

There are two different types of materials that are considered when we look at waterproofing your chimney:


Water-Based and Solvent-Based

Though the water-based formula is most popular, we recommend the solvent-based formula for those chimneys that have been previously treated. One thing you need to know is water is always present from a variety of sources in both masonry and concrete applications. If you decide to use a sealer and/or silicone coating it will create a water-resistant surface film that will trap the water vapors inside. If the water vapors cannot escape, they will directly contribute to spalling, scaling, deterioration, and the freeze-thaw damage that is so prevalent in chimneys today.

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One of the chimney services we offer is applying Paint “n” Peel to stained, smoky masonry to give it a fresh look in no time.