Why Chimney Caps are Important

A chimney cap protects the flue from water, small animals and birds entering your home through the opening at the top of the chimney system. Since water is the most potentially dangerous element, it is important to keep it out of the appliance. Chimney caps also act as spark arrestors and keep flying sparks that may come through the flue when burning a fire from flying out onto your roof or trees and keeping the fire where it belongs.

Of course, as in most things, a one-size chimney cap does not fit all. Consumers have an array of possibilities but they should be forewarned that, just because it looks good, it may not be the best one for the job on your chimney. That’s why we recommend that you call us first before ordering anything off the internet. The size must be correct for the cap to fit properly making measuring a very important step in this process. Let us measure and help you find the cap that is just right for your chimney flue.

For Single Flue Chimney Caps

Here are a few examples of chimney caps that are designed for single flues. Most people think this is the type of cap they need. However, if you have never been to the roof and taken a look at the chimney crown, you may not really know what you need. We will get on the roof and double check to make sure you are getting the correct cap for the type of flue system you actually have.

Single Flue Chimney Caps


Outside Mount Chimney Caps

We like the outside mount chimney caps because they protect and cover the entire crown in the chimney system and not just the flue opening. Again, this protects the entire top of the system from water, birds and small animals thus providing extended life to the crown as well.

Custom Mount Chimney Caps


Pot Toppers

In some areas, pot toppers are very popular. It is extremely important to get the measurements correct for these types of caps. If you choose a clay topper you should know they are heavy and can be difficult to get to the roof if you don’t know what you’re doing. We always recommend using Environmental Chimney Service or another certified and experienced chimney service company to install all the chimney caps. However, when it comes to installing the clay caps, it is a must to use a certified chimney company.

Pot Toppers from Whitecaps

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