Top-Down Dampers Make Chimney Systems More Efficient

Changing out a warped throat damper with another throat damper just doesn’t make sense these days when you can replace it with a top-down damper. The reasons have to do with making your chimney appliance as efficient as possible even when not in use. And, believe it or not, there are chimney systems that do not have any dampers in place that should consider this a great way to increase efficiency.

The Problem

The space between a throat damper and the top of the chimney flue is a problem because it is exposed to the elements and outside temperatures. That simply means that in the summer while you are running the air conditioner to cool your home, hot air is sitting in the flue heating it up. In the winter, when not using your fireplace, this space is full of the cold air form the outside as you are heating your home for comfort. When you eliminate the outside air from that space in the chimney, your heating and air-conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard to accomplish the desired inside temperature.

The Solution

Installing a top-down damper is the answer because it seals off the chimney at the top of the flue by a lever mounted on the side of the firebox. It acts as a chimney cap and closes off the flue when the fireplace or stove is not in use. Stopping the air here keeps it out of the flue so, you should see a difference on your heating and cooling bills.

There are two types of top down dampers: butterfly and spring loaded. In the pictures, you can see how each one works. If you have any additional questions or would like to consider changing to this type of top down damper, please contact us.

Butterfly Top Down Damper

Spring Loaded Top Down Damper

Butterfly Top Down Damper

Butterfly Top Down Damper three examples shown from different angles opening and closing

Spring Loaded Top Down Damper

Three examples of a Spring Loaded Top Down Damper showing stages of it opening and closing

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