Now that winter is coming to an end, many are looking to shut down their fireplaces and prepare for warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, all too often, homeowners simply put out their last fire and then let their system sit for months on end. This can lead to a lot of damage down the line, which is why we recommend investing in inspection and sweeping now to ensure your system doesn’t face any wear and tear over time. Sweepings are also great for removing creosote, which could cause your home to smell once you crank your air conditioning this summer.

The Basics Of Chimney Sweepings & Inspections - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceAll in all, investing in a bit of maintenance now will help you avoid expensive repair work down the line, and it will ensure you get many more years of stress-free enjoyment from your fireplace and chimney.

If you’re ready to get your inspection and sweeping booked, then reach out to the team and Environmental Chimney Service today. We have the tools, training, and technology necessary to get the job done right, and we can set you up with any chimney components needed to avoid further damages down the line. Learn more about the process behind an inspection and sweeping below, then give us a call today to book your appointment. We’re excited to speak with you soon!

The Three Levels Of Chimney Inspections

Now, when it comes to inspections, there are three options available, based upon your unique needs. A level one is the most basic, and it requires inspecting all easily accessible parts of your structure, as well as ensuring no obstructions or damages are present. If you always invest in a yearly inspection, as recommended by the CSIA, and if you haven’t made any major changes in fuel type or anything else, then a level one inspection should be all you need.

In other cases, a more extensive look into the system is required. This is where a level two inspection will need to be performed. These include everything in a level one inspection, and your sweep may need to use your attic, crawlspace, or basement to access other parts of your appliance, as well. It will also include a video evaluation to get an up-close look at your entire chimney.

When is a level two inspection required? Well, if you’re buying or selling a home, then they are definitely necessary, and they are also needed after investing in structural changes, such as renovation work, relining, or a change your fuel type. Have you recently experienced a natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado, earthquake, or something else? These events also warrant a level two inspection. Not sure where you stand? Just ask! We’d be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Finally, there’s a level three inspections. These are less common, and they’re only required in more extreme circumstances where your structure might need to be taken apart or demoed in order to find the source of the problem. We may need to use specialized equipment, and the final cost will depend on the state of your chimney and how much work we end up needing to perform.

The Basics Of A Chimney Sweeping

If we perform an inspection and discover that a sweeping is in order, then we have the training and tools to help you out there, too. We’ll ensure all creosote is removed, and we’ll check for build-up and obstructions, as well. If there are flammable materials blocking your flue, your airflow and draft will be negatively affected and you could face a higher risk of experiencing a chimney fire, so removing them as soon as possible is a must.

We’re also equipped with the latest technology, so you don’t have to worry about us leaving a mess behind in your home. We use tarps and dust-collectors to keep your space as clean as possible, and our team treats your belongings with professionalism and respect, so your home won’t be in any danger. There’s no team better to trust!

Why Hire A CSIA Certified Sweep?

If you need chimney care in the Asheville, NC area, then we urge you to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep to handle it all. Why? Because the CSIA is highly esteemed throughout the nation for training the best of the best, and they have high standards for the experts they certify. They also require their sweeps to sign a code of ethics, so you know you’re getting the best care possible and won’t be scammed or short-changed at the end of it all.

And if you want the best care and personalized attention you deserve, then the team here at Environmental Chimney Service is here for you through it all. Richie Baxley and his team of sweeps have been inspecting and sweeping chimneys and fireplaces for over three decades now, and we would be happy to help you out with it all. Ready to get started? Great! Reach out today.