Why a Comprehensive Chimney Inspection is a Must

There are many things that can damage a chimney that you might never see, from birds and other critters to debris and creosote build-up inside the chimney or flue. This is why getting a Comprehensive Chimney Inspection annually is the best way to keep your chimney safe and in good working order. Along with annually getting your chimney cleaned you have a great line of defense against preventable fires. If you’re a realtor, a detailed Level 2 chimney inspection is recommended.

We also adhere to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) -211 inspection codes that governs current codes for fire appliances.

Can I schedule a cleaning without the inspection?

We often get asked if we can just complete a cleaning without doing an inspection in the process. Short answer? No.

If you have a dirty flue (or multiple flues), cleaning these will become part of the inspection process. We won’t clean a flue without checking for clogs, structural soundness, and proper functioning in the process. This ensures no potential threats or hazards are missed and that you can operate your fireplace with ease and peace of mind.

Our cleaning fee is $85 per flue. And remember – just because you have one chimney doesn’t mean you only have one flue.

What is the value of an “Internal Video Evaluation?”

An Internal Video Evaluation is a process that inserts a small video camera either from the rooftop or from the firebox to inspect and evaluate the chimney’s internal walls from top to bottom. The video enables the technician to provide the homeowner an in-depth, comprehensive inspection of what could not be seen otherwise. The technician also is able to show the homeowner via the TV monitor any findings they see and discuss the best solutions in dealing with anything that is discovered. Please note that on a Level 1 chimney inspection there is no video scan required. However, if the technician or homeowner suspects a problem, then a video scan should be conducted. All of our trucks are equipped with this technology and can video a chimney when required.

Here is an overview of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 211 regarding Chimney Inspection Levels I, II, and III:

Level I Inspection - starts at $360

  • Recommended if there has been no change with your heating appliance or system since your last annual inspection.
  • Considered appropriate during your annual appointment.
  • Technicians won’t use tools to open or remove doors, panels, or coverings. A visual inspection takes place to examine the exterior and interior of the chimney.
  • The evaluation will not disrupt the chimney structure or finish. Technicians do not use tools to examine portions of the appliance and the chimney.
  • Technicians may not use tools, ladders, etc. to examine portions of the chimney.

Level II Inspection - starts at $495

  • When a change is made to your system, a level II inspection is required.
  • When a property is sold or transferred, a level II inspection is recommended.
  • Highly recommended when an operating malfunction or external event has happened and has likely caused damage to the chimney or appliance.
  • Includes all the services provided in a Level I inspection
  • The examination of the parts of the chimney that is accessible through attics, crawl spaces and basements to reach the exterior and interior of the chimney system.
  • There is no destruction or removal of any permanently attached portion of the chimney or building structure.
  • Includes Internal Video Evaluation as described above.

Level III Inspection - quote only - please read below

  • Conducted after a Level I or Level II inspection reveals an issue concealed in parts of the chimney and flue.
  • Unfortunately, it requires removal, and possibly demolition, of parts of the chimney or building structure, as indicated.
  • Can require special tools to reach hard-to-access concealed areas of the chimney and flue.

Cleaning Fee – $85 per flue

Though the cleaning is part of the inspection it is not a solo service.

Please note that the fee is applied per flue. While you may have just one chimney, this might not mean you only have one flue. A flue is a pipe or vent that guides the smoke or fumes through the chimney – and many systems have multiple, whether it’s closed off or from a furnace or something else.

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