Chimney technology is relatively straightforward, so it can be surprising when you come across a new term or chimney product. Clay pot chimney stacks certainly aren’t new, but they are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want to add style to or improve the function of their chimney. The resurgence in popularity of the chimney stack might have you wondering what they are and their purpose. 

What is a clay pot chimney stack?

What is a Clay Pot Chimney Stack - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceIf you live in or have toured an area with historic or architectural buildings, you might have noticed clay pot chimney stacks protruding from rooftops. As they name implies, clay chimney stacks are hollow clay structures that extend several feet above the top of the chimney. Some are simple circular or rectangular tubes, while others are ornately artistic. Clay chimney stacks have been used atop chimneys in Europe for centuries. They were installed on homes in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century when people burned coal for warmth.

What is the purpose of a clay pot chimney stack?

Clay chimney stacks certainly have played a role in architecture over time. In earlier times, the wealthy made their homes stand out with multiple or extremely ornate chimney stacks. Today, chimney stacks increase the architectural value of a home after installation. Owners of historic homes will add clay pot chimney stacks to add to their home’s historical aesthetic. On more modern buildings, architects might include long metal chimney stacks to add to the sleek or industrial look of the structure. While they might add to the aesthetic of a building, clay pot chimney stacks also can improve a chimney’s draft.

How do chimney stack’s work?

To draft properly, and avoid sending smoke back into a home, chimneys have to extend several feet above a building’s rooftop. Chimney stacks can help them achieve this. In addition, chimney stacks can help create a vacuum effect that draws smoke more rapidly out of the chimney. Chimney stacks are more narrow at the top than at the base. Therefore, they create a bottleneck that causes a jet-like effect that expels smoke more rapidly. Some chimney stacks also include vents on the side that allow air to blow across the top of the chimney. This increases the amount of oxygen in the system to fuel the fire and improve the chimney’s draft.

Should I install a clay chimney stack on my chimney?

Call Environmental Chimney Services to schedule a consultation concerning your chimney stack! Clay pot chimney stacks do have to be properly sized to your chimney to optimize the chimney function. Our chimney experts can help you select and install a clay chimney stack to improve the function and look of your chimney.