There are a host of accessories for your wood-burning fireplace — from the ubiquitous set of cleaning tools to the less popular match holders — so what do you need to make using your fireplace easier? While there are some things you can probably get by without, there are several accessories that will make life with a fireplace easier.

Fireplace tools

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There’s a reason that those neatly hanging sets of tools are so popular: They are one of the most useful fireplace tools you can have. They’ll help you tend your fires and clean out your fireplace. Generally, the set includes a poker and tongs to tend the fire, and a shovel and broom to help you clean up the ashes.

Ash bucket

When cleaning your fireplace with the aforementioned shovel and broom, you’ll need a place to store your ashes. A metal ash bucket with a tight-fitting lid can be a convenient tool to have on hand.

Fireplace grate or andirons

The best fires burn when air can circulate under the logs. To achieve this, you’ll need a metal fireplace grate to hold your wood, or a set of andirons. Metal grates tend toward the more practical, while andirons perform the same function with a decorative flare.

Fireplace screen

For an open-hearth fireplace, a mesh screen adds an element of safety. The screen will keep burning embers from popping out of the fireplace and damaging your carpeting, or causing a fire hazard, while also preventing pets or children from reaching into the fireplace.

Wood holder

Some fireplaces are designed with an area in which you can neatly stack logs waiting to go into the fireplace. If your fireplace doesn’t include one, you may want to consider buying a wood holder to sit on your hearth. The wood holder will give you a convenient and attractive place to store your logs while they wait to go into the fire.

Fireplace gate

If you have small children or pets in your home, you may want to consider a fireplace gate. A fireplace gate fits around your hearth to prevent your children or pets from getting too near the fire. The gates include a walk-through, locking gate so you can continue to easily tend your fireplace.

Other fireplace accessories

The list for fireplace accessories goes on and on. You can consider a wood carrier or wood cart, to help you tote wood from your woodpile. You can decorate your fireplace with a fireback, and make your damper easier to control with a damper pull. It’s a good idea to put a rug in front of your hearth to help protect your flooring from ember burns, and you may want a pair of protective gloves to keep your hands safe from burns while tending your fireplace.

Whatever fireplace tools you need, visit the Environmental Chimney Service’s online store. We carry a wide variety of fireplace tool to fit your needs, and we can help you select the tools that are right for your hearth.