You might have heard of HeatShield chimney and smoke chamber sealants. HeatShield offers innovative products that are highly effective and very popular. But what can HeatShield offer your chimney? 

A restored and safe chimney liner 

What can HeatShield offer your chimney - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceIf your masonry chimney liner is failing, HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant can restore the surface of your flue, along with adding safety and strength. By restoring your chimney liner with HeatShield, technicians lower a foam plug, sized specifically for your chimney, down the flue. First, HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant is poured down the walls. Next, the foam plug is pulled upward to smooth the HeatShield into place and filling any gaps in the walls. When you use HeatShield to reline your chimney, the integrity of your liner is restored and also protect your home from the heat, smoke and embers from your fireplace. 

A smoother and more efficient smoke chamber 

HeatShield Chamber Coat and HeatShield Refractory Foam are also very popular. Using these products can smooth and restore the surface of corbelled smoke chambers. Smoke chambers serve as a reverse funnel for the chimney, pulling smoke from your fireplace into the narrow chimney opening. In most masonry chimneys, the brick smoke chambers are made of staggering steps. The rough sides of these smoke chambers cause the smoke from fireplaces to swirl as it travels upward. This reduces the efficiency of the chimney and can cause creosote to build up fast in the chimney.

Chimney experts also suggest fire chamber parging, a process that smooths the jagged walls of the smoke chamber. HeatShield Chamber Coat and HeatShield Refractory Foam make the job easier. It fills the steps of the smoke chamber to restore its integrity while increase its efficiency. 

Better chimney performance 

Whether you’re having your chimney restored with HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant, smoothing and restoring your smoke chamber with HeatShield Chamber Coat or Heatshield Refractory Foam, HeatShield products offer the best chimney flue protection.

When the walls of your chimney are smooth, smoke will draft more efficiently out of your chimney and home. It also means your fireplace will pull in more air and burn hotter while the smoke travel quicker out the chimney. And this all leaves behind less smoke and less creosote buildup. HeatShield products  ensure that your chimney surfaces are free from cracks that allow smoke from entering your home, which threatens your home’s structure or even a dangerous fire. 

Give HeatShield a try

If you’re ready to learn more about HeatShield, call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule an appointment today at 828-243-0098. Our chimney experts can evaluate your chimney and smoke chamber. We can fix any issues with the trusted products from HeatShield.