Are you looking for a new home-heating option this winter? Do you want to upgrade your hearth with a new, efficient insert? Environmental Chimney Service has a solution for you; we offer quality hearth appliances from Osburn woodstoves!

About Osburn Woodstoves

We Offer Osburn Woodstoves - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServicesOsburn woodstoves have been sold throughout North American since 1979. Initially founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Osburn manufactures at a factory in Quebec today. Osburn manufactures their hearth products with one goal in mind: to produce high-quality wood and pellet stoves at a reasonable cost. Osburn stays on the cutting edge of hearth technology. In fact, Osburn woodstoves were the first to comply with Oregon’s stringent air-quality standards.

Osburn Woodstove Products

Osburn offers a variety of wood-burning hearth appliances to meet your needs. Dedicated to providing you with the information you need to choose a hearth appliance that suits your needs and that will provide the right amount of heat for your home, Osburn hearth products include: 
• Fabricated fireplaces. For homeowners looking to finally install a brand new hearth system, we offer prefabricated fireplace systems to fit any hearth. 
• Fireplace inserts. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your open-hearth fireplace, Osburn fireplace inserts provide a beautiful option! Our inserts increase efficiency, produce more heat and subsequently reduce indoor air pollution. 
• Woodstoves. A freestanding woodstove can also help you to heat your entire home! A free standing woodstove can make a beautiful centerpiece to any room, and it can provide efficient heat to help you lower your home-heating bills while heating your home with an environmentally friendly fuel. 
• Pellet stoves. Love the look and feel of a woodstove but hate the work? An Osburn pellet stove might provide the answer! Pellet stoves cleanly and efficiently burn compressed, dehydrated wood pellets. Pellets are purchased in 40-pound bags and fed. The pellets are loaded into a hopper and fed into the fire with an automatic auger. In addition, pellet stoves run for up to a day depending on the size of the hopper. 

Choosing the Right Osburn Woodstove

If you’re finally ready to upgrade your hearth, or find a heating alternative to your home, with an Osburn appliance, Environmental Chimney Service can help! We proudly offer Osburn woodstove products. Our fireplace experts can also help you select the right type and right size of appliance for your home heating needs. Once you’ve selected your Osburn heating appliance, our technicians properly and safely install your new Osburn hearth appliance. Keep your home warmer or finally upgrade your hearth with Osburn woodstoves this winter! Call Environmental Chimney Service to talk to one of our hearth experts about Osburn woodstoves today!