The value of your chimney cap Image - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceDid you know that one of your chimney’s most crucial components sits at the very top, often out of site and out of mind? Your chimney cap plays a vital role in keeping your chimney structurally sound and safely operating. Here are a few things you should know about the value of your chimney cap.

Your chimney cap keeps your chimney safe from water damage.

Water is your chimney’s greatest enemy, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and nothing is more effective at keeping water out of your chimney than a chimney cap. Without a chimney cap, water can pour freely down the inner walls of your chimney, where it can damage your liner, damper, firebox, and virtually every component of your fireplace and chimney system. A chimney cap in good repair keeps your chimney and fireplace component from falling victim to rust, cracking and structural weaknesses.

Your chimney cap keeps critters out.

Animals have a way of finding their way into your chimney. Some animals are drawn in by the warmth and security of your chimney. Those animals occasionally will make a home within your chimney. Other animals find their way into your chimney, where they can become trapped and die. Whether it is an animal nest or a dead animal, animals in the chimney cause dangerous blockages that can lead to chimney fires, introduce other pests and diseases, and fill unpleasant smells to fill your home.

Your chimney cap prevents chimney blockages.

An unprotected chimney can become a trap for leaves, twigs and garbage that blow through the air. That debris can fill your chimney, causing blockages that prevent smoke and carbon monoxide from exiting your home and that can cause a dangerous chimney fire.

Your chimney cap defends against rooftop fires.

The distance between your fireplace and the top of your chimney can seem too far for a spark to travel, but burning embers can and do fly out of chimney flues. A good chimney cap is surrounded by spark-arresting mesh that prevents embers from leaving the chimney flue and igniting your rooftop or nearby trees, structures or trash cans.

Your chimney cap stops drafts.

On a windy day, a strong burst of wind can force its way down your chimney, filling your home with smoke or, even worse, burning logs and embers from your fireplace. Your chimney cap works to block strong downdrafts, protecting your home from smoke, ash and embers.

Now that you know your chimney cap’s value, make sure it is in place and in good repair. Chimney caps can become dislodged by gusts of wind or swinging tree branches, or they can rust or corrode over time. Some chimneys are missing their caps altogether! If you aren’t sure of what’s atop your chimney, make sure you ask your chimney sweep about the cap during your annual sweeping and inspection. If you know your chimney cap is failing or missing, call Environmental Chimney Service today! We can outfit your chimney with a new cap that will keep your chimney safe from water, animals, blockages, embers and drafts.