Fall’s chill is in the air, and undoubtedly, that chill will have you wanting to light the first fire of the season in your fireplace. Before you ignite your first fire, however, you need to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection!

The Importance of Annual Chimney SweepingsSchedule Your Annual Chimney Sweeping Appointment! Image - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney

Your annual chimney sweeping and inspection helps to protect your home from a dangerous chimney fire. Every time you burn a fire, the smoke that travels up your chimney deposits solid byproducts of the fire onto the walls of your chimney. Those deposits harden into creosote, a hard, tar-like substance that is highly flammable. When that creosote builds up too heavily, it can ignite either from the extreme heat of your fireplace or from a spark that makes its way into your chimney. To keep creosote from building up to dangerous levels and increasing the chance of a chimney fire, the National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners have all chimneys swept at least once per year.

Creosote isn’t the only thing that can build up within your chimney! Your chimney sweep will remove any natural debris, such as leaves or twigs, that have clogged your chimney. Your sweep will also look for and remove any signs of animal intrusion, such as nests, food waste or animal carcasses. Clogs within your chimney can prevent smoke from exiting your home. That smoke can back up into your home, causing a mess and making the people inside sick. Your annual chimney sweeping ensures that your chimney is clear of any obstructions.

You Need an Inspection Too!

However, your annual chimney sweeping isn’t just about clearing dangerous creosote out of your chimney. When you have your chimney swept by a certified chimney sweep, your service also will include a thorough inspection of the fireplace and chimney. Because portions of the chimney are so difficult to access, it’s easy to miss signs of chimney damage. Leaks, weaknesses in the chimney flue or firebox from extreme heat, deterioration or even damage from an unnoticed chimney fire can go undetected without your annual chimney inspection. That damage can pose a hazard to your home. Cracks or weaknesses in the chimney or firebox could put your home at risk from smoke damage or heat damage, or even a fire. Water leaks can lead to deterioration of the chimney, mold or even rotting of your home’s structure. A chimney inspection spots chimney damage before it poses a danger or becomes a major, costly home repair.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection Today!

Don’t put your home in danger; schedule your chimney sweeping now, before you light the first fire of the season. Call Environmental Chimney Service to make an appointment today, and our sweeps will make sure that your chimney and fireplace are ready to enjoy safely this fall.