Do you think your roof is leaking It might actually be your chimney image - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceBrown spots on your ceiling, sagging wallboard, drips making their way down your walls or ceiling: These things are terrifying for a homeowner to spot. Water leaking from above into your home may lead you to believe that you have a faulty roof. If you suspect a roof leak but can’t identify the source, you might need to call in a chimney sweep. The cause of your leak could be your chimney.

There are many components of the chimney that can break down over time, causing roof leaks and water damage. Those include:


If your roof springs a leak right around your chimney, it is likely that failing chimney flashing is to blame. The flashing is the metal around the base of your chimney that’s meant to form a tight seal between the roof line and chimney base to keep water out. Over time, that metal can pull away from the chimney, corrode or develop cracks and holes. Replacing the flashing can shore your chimney base up again and eliminate your leak. If your chimney is on a portion of your chimney that leaves it particularly vulnerable to rainwater, you might want to consider installing a cricket, a tent-like piece of metal that will divert water away from your chimney’s base.

Bricks and mortar joints

When water gets into your chimney’s masonry, it creates a cycle of damage. Your chimney’s porous masonry draws water in. When temperatures drop, that water freezes and expands, causing cracks in the masonry. Those cracks allow even more water to get into your chimney, causing more extensive leaking and more extensive water damage.

Chimney cap

Your chimney cap is your chimney’s best defense against leaks and water damage. It sits atop the chimney flue and prevents water from running freely down your chimney’s interior. If your chimney cap becomes damaged, dislodged or goes missing, that leaves your chimney and your roof line vulnerable to major leaks and water damage.

Chimney crown or chase cover

Like the chimney cap, the chimney crown on a masonry chimney and the chase cover on a manufactured chimney help keep water away from the chimney’s top. Masonry chimney caps can develop cracks or crumble away from water damage just like your chimney’s bricks and mortar joints. A metal chase cover can corrode and develop holes or cracks that allow water to gain access to your chimney and your roof.

If you have signs of water damage in your roof or ceiling, don’t wait to call the experts at Environmental Chimney Service. We can locate and repair the source of your chimney leak to save your home from further water damage.Having professionals address chimney leaks early is key; it can spare your home from more extensive and more expensive water damage.