Let’s face it: chimney repairs are expensive. What if you could take one simple, inexpensive step to protect your chimney from all sorts of dangers? A good chimney cap is worth its weight in gold. The chimney cap covers the opening of your flue entirely and is surrounded by a fine metal cage. Read on to discover the benefits of a good chimney cap.

Keep Water Out

The Value of a Good Chimney Cap - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceThe primary function of a chimney cap is to protect your chimney from water intrusion. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America lists installing a chimney cap as the best thing you can do to protect your chimney from water damage. A solid chimney cap that covers your chimney opening entire and is firmly in place will prevent rain, snow or sleet from making its way down your chimney flue and causing damage.

Keep Animals Out

In addition to water, a good chimney cap will keep animals out. However, not all chimney caps will perform this function. You need a chimney cap that is surrounded by a sturdy, fine mesh. As animals can cause extensive damage to the inside of your chimney or home, a chimney cap is well worth the investment. 

Protect Your Chimney From Debris

Leaves, twigs and other debris that blow across your rooftop also can be blown right down your chimney. Inside your flue, they can cause a variety of problems. They can form a clog that prevents smoke and carbon monoxide from exiting your chimney. A large blockage can also ignite a dangerous chimney fire. At the very least, a buildup of debris in your chimney can cause smoke to trickle back into your home when you use your fireplace. It can also begin to decay and smell in the summer heat. A chimney cap fitted with a wire cage can prevent debris from entering your chimney.

Stop Downdrafts

A sudden gust of wind can chill your home or send ashes and ember spraying out of your fireplace. A strong chimney cap can stop a downdraft simply by creating a barrier to the breeze. That means your chimney cap can help keep your home more comfortable during winter months. It can also save you from a dangerous disbursement of your fireplace contents into your home.

A quality chimney cap truly is a valuable part or your chimney system. If your chimney isn’t outfitted with a sturdy chimney cap that is surrounded by wire mesh, call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule a consultation. We can math your chimney to the right chimney cap, and our chimney experts will install that chimney the right way to keep your home and your chimney safe.