If you live in Asheville, NC or any of its surrounding towns and cities, then you know how chilly the fall and winter seasons can get. If you’re fortunate enough to have a cozy fireplace to warm up next to, then now is the time to get your annual maintenance scheduled! Ensure your all set and ready for thesweep on roof cold weeks ahead by reaching out to our team of experts today. We’ll get your inspection and sweeping done in no time, so you can light fires with ease and peace of mind all season long.

Why Are Inspections Necessary?

If you’ve been operating your fireplace problem-free for years on end, you may be wondering if an inspection is actually necessary. Well, the easy answer is yes. Both the CSIA and the NFPA (along with countless reputable chimney companies and organizations throughout the industry) urge homeowners to invest in annual inspections to ensure all of their fireplace and chimney components are functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible.

What problems might they come across if this care is neglected? Well, creosote is definitely one thing to watch out for. This substance builds up inside of your flue as fires are lit, and it needs to be removed on a regular basis to keep your system in tip-top shape. Its flammable nature makes you more prone to experience chimney fires, and it can become hard, glossy, and hard to remove if left unaddressed for too long.

Inspections also give sweeps the opportunity to spot any build-up or obstructions that could inhibit airflow. A chimney that cannot properly draft will trigger all kinds of problems, and it could result in some dangerous scenarios for the homeowner and their family members. It will also cause creosote to accrue more rapidly.

Finally, it’s important to be aware of any damage, such as cracking, crumbling, broken bricks, water-related issues, and more. Any type of deterioration must be addressed promptly so that there is no risk of fires, smoke, carbon monoxide, or anything else reaching the inside of your home. Not to mention, the sooner you can invest in repairs, the less time-consuming and costly they will be!

Richie Baxley & His Team Is Here To Help!

We’ve loved serving Asheville, Hendersonville, Rutherfordton, Mars Hill, and all of their surrounding communities since our start back in 1992. With an owner that’s experienced, knowledgeable, CSIA certified, and passionate about making homes in the area as safe as possible, you can bet that this is a company that never fails to bring reliable, high-quality care.

If you’ve got questions, then we’ve got answers, and we would be happy to offer our skills and expertise to ensure you’re living comfortably in your home all fall and winter long. If you’re eager to use your fireplace this holiday season, then the time to reach out is now. We’d be happy to set you up right!