There are many benefits of annual chimney sweeping. It removes any dangerous creosote or buildup from your chimney flue to reduce your risk of a chimney fire. It also ensures that your chimney continues to vent the smoke from your fireplace. But what about your annual chimney inspection? An annual chimney inspection is just as important, if not more so, than your annual chimney sweeping. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America goes out of its way to emphasize the importance of annual chimney inspections apart from your annual chimney sweeping. Here are all of the benefits of an annual chimney inspection, whether or not you use your fireplace and chimney.

Spot Animal Intrusion

The Benefits of Getting a Yearly Chimney Inspection - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceAnimals have a way of finding their way into chimneys. Whether they enter purposefully or accidentally, animals have long caused homeowners headaches. Often, homeowners are unaware of animals or the debris they leave behind until there’s a problem. Problems include an unpleasant odor or smoking fireplace. An annual chimney inspection will spot animal intrusion in your chimney so you can address it before it becomes a major problem. 

Find Problems Early

Once a chimney develops a weakness, that weakness will only become worse and worse. Undetected chimney damage can allow water, smoke or heat to access and damage your home’s structure. It can allow the chimney to deteriorate to the point that the structure is compromised or no longer safe to use. An annual chimney inspection allows you to spot chimney problems early. Problems should be caught before they can threaten your home or chimney structure, put you at risk for a chimney fire, or increase carbon monoxide buildup.

Ensure Safe and Proper Operation

During inspections, chimney sweeps also inspect the working components of your chimney and fireplace. Your chimney sweep will be able to spot any significant problems. That reduces the risk that your chimney damper or fireplace components will stop working midseason, when you rely on your fireplace to help heat your home or help you relax on a cold winter night.

Ask Questions

Most homeowners run into issues with their fireplaces or chimney from time to time. Your annual chimney inspection is your opportunity to bring up concerns regarding your fireplace or chimney.

If your chimney requires an inspection, call Environmental Chimney Services today! Our certified sweeps will make sure that your chimney is free from animal intrusion, blockages, damage, or weaknesses that could compromise your home or chimney. We will ensure that your chimney and fireplace are ready to operate safely. We’ll also answer any questions about the performance and safe operation of your hearth appliance.