Do you want to enter your upcoming burning season with peace of mind and reassurance, knowing your chimney and fireplace will run well all throughout the cooler months? Then, investing in an inspection is essential. The CSIA urges homeowners to schedule an inspection once every year and, as educated, experienced sweeps, we stand by this recommendation.

123 graphicWhy is this so important? Well, if your system is in need of repairs or sweeping services, using it is very dangerous, and your chances of experiencing a chimney fire, house fire, or gas leak will increase significantly. It’s important to offer professional technicians the opportunity to spot any cracks, holes, blockages, or creosote accumulation so that they can address these issues well before you light any fires.

There are three levels of inspections that a sweep can perform, and our crew is qualified to perform them all. Learn more about each below, then set up your appointment with us today.

Level One Inspections

If you are using a fireplace that has been regularly maintained for years and that has not undergone any major changes in the recent past, then a level one inspection should be all you need. These start at $240, and you can expect the sweep to take a look at all easily accessible components of your chimney to ensure that no damages or obstructions are present.

Basically, no tools are used to take apart any component of your chimney. We’ll do a visual overview, then make recommendations from there as far as repair work or further maintenance.

Level Two Inspections

Our level two inspections start at $325, and they are a bit more thorough. They will include everything done in a level one inspection, as well as a camera inspection. With the help of our high-tech video equipment, we will be able to inspect the flue and interior chimney parts on a more in-depth level, so you know nothing will get missed or overlooked.

When are level two inspections recommended? Well, if you’ve changed fuel types, invested in reconstruction or rebuilding services, or undergone any major changes to your structure, then it’s definitely the right route to take. They are also suggested after a major storm or natural disaster has occurred, or if you have experienced a chimney fire. Finally, they are required when buying or selling a home.

Level Three Inspections

If we know a problem is present in a hard-to-access area of your chimney’s structure, then a level three inspection may be the only option left. Unfortunately, this typically requires the removal or destruction of certain components of your chimney in order to reach the affected areas. If this is necessary, we will quote you a price based upon your unique situation. Normally these entail a quote only. 

You Can Trust In Us

All in all, when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your appliances, you want to know the team you call on is honest, reliable, and that they won’t cut corners. Fortunately for folks in the Asheville area, our crew can be trusted for the long haul, and our long list of positive customer reviews speak for themselves.

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