The Obama’s are probably the only family in America unconcerned by the recent news that the shrillest alarms do not wake soundly sleeping children. Must be nice to have Secret Service agents to wake, and get your girls out of the house! It also must be nice to know that your chimneys and vents are constantly being inspected and cleaned, so a fire is unlikely anyway.

White House Chimneys - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney

Giving Everyone a Break

She may grow her own garden, but the First Lady is not expected to sweep the White House chimneys or send Sasha down them with brushes. The job has been done for free by a volunteer certified chimney sweep for nearly 20 years, protecting the White House and taxpayers with it. How much exactly has been saved is not easy to determine in terms of dollars, but the careful preservation of a national treasure is clearly priceless.

Started as a response to President Clinton’s call for a balanced budget in 1993, the voluntary cleaning of the White House chimneys has evolved into a distinct honor. The identity of the sweeps that used to clean the chimneys is unknown, but the person that does it free has enjoyed more than fifteen minutes of fame. Serving both his country and his profession, Jeff Schmittinger deserves all the attention he gets.

America’s Chimney Sweeps Advise and Consent

The White House has a few more chimneys than the average house, after all, with a total of 35. They vent 28 fireplaces that may be used at any time for either the First Family’s enjoyment or some official function. Keeping them clean and in good working order is essential, as is explaining the right way to start a fire to its occupants.

Having started a small fire in 2009, the President would be the first to hail the chief value of regular cleanings of chimneys and fireplaces. Like all of those in his profession, America’s Chimney Sweep values his country and protects its heritage along with its First Family.