When the weather warms up each spring, most homeowners often forget about their fireplaces and chimneys. Chimneys and fireplaces often remain forgotten until fall. Because most homeowners don’t realize the many benefits of getting their chimneys swept in the spring, it’s all the more important to take advantage of this time of the year. Here’s what you need to know about scheduling an early chimney sweeping right now.

The importance of chimney sweeping

chimney sweep at workAnnual chimney sweeping and inspections are vital for the health and safety of your chimney. When you burn a fire, soot and creosote accumulate on the interior of  your chimney. Creosote is also a highly flammable byproduct. If too much creosote are found within your chimney, your chimney can ignite a fire causing a dangerous chimney fire. To prevent a chimney fire, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends having your chimney swept and inspected yearly. Spring is the perfect time to get a chimney sweeping and mark it off your to-do list. 

Schedule a chimney cleaning early

Most homeowners tend to forget about their chimneys once temperatures warm up, which gives you even more reasons to call now. However, everyone rushes to call the chimney sweep for their annual sweepings and inspections in the fall. For that reason, chimney sweeps have lighter schedules in the spring and summer. By scheduling during the off season, you can schedule an appointment at your convenience as well. You won’t have to wait as long for an appointment, and you won’t risk delaying your fire-burning season while waiting for a chimney sweeping.

Save your chimney from damage & prevent smells

Creosote can damage your chimney in the event of a fire, and it can also damages your chimney walls too. Fire byproducts are highly corrosive. When soot and creosote are left on your chimney all summer, they can cause your chimney liner to break down. Having your chimney swept and inspected in the spring removes the damaging effects of creosote. 

Dirty chimneys are also stinky chimneys. Oftentimes, chimney odors become evident in the summer, when warm, humid air intensifies the smells coming from your chimney. An early chimney sweeping, before summer, can remove odor-causing creosote and debris from your chimney and prevent foul chimney odors too.

Leave times for repairs or improvements

The worst case scenario for a homeowner is leaving your chimney sweeping until the fall, and then find out there are damages to address. Chimney sweep’s schedules are packed during the fall and winter. Cold and wet fall weather is not ideal for making repairs to your chimney either, which can put you at the risk of not having a fireplace or heating stove for the cold months ahead. By scheduling an early chimney sweeping and inspection, you leave plenty of time for chimney repairs or improvements before you have to use it again.

Schedule an early chimney sweeping and inspection now, and you will save yourself plenty of headaches and stress down the road. Call Environmental Chimney Service at 828-243-0098 to schedule your appointment today!