Come Christmas, your chimney is a vital part of your home. Family members gather around warm, cozy fires during holiday gatherings, and — most importantly — your chimney provides Santa with entry to your home to leave gifts under your tree! If your fireplace or chimney is showing signs that have you worried about using your fireplace this Christmas, schedule a Virtual Chimney Assessment with Environmental Chimney Service

What is a virtual assessment?Virtual Chimney Assessments - Asheville, NC - Environmental Chimney

A virtual chimney assessment gives you an opportunity to have your chimney pre-inspected by a certified chimney professional quickly and easily. While it is recommended that you have your chimney swept and inspected at least once per year, sometimes our busy schedules stand in the way, or problems crop up in between your regular inspections. With a virtual chimney assessment, you can have your chimney visually inspected quickly as you make time to schedule your full-scale chimney inspection.

How do virtual chimney inspections work?

To have a virtual chimney inspection, take photos of several angles of your chimney. For a full virtual inspection, take a photo of your chimney’s exterior that shows the entire height of the chimney, from the ground to the top. Inside your home, take a photo of the hearth that allows your chimney inspector to see the fireplace and chimney from floor to ceiling. Take closer photos of the firebox or heating stove, and if you are able, take a photo up your chimney’s flue. You also can take close-up photos of any particular problems areas that have you concerned. Upload the pictures to Environmental Chimney’s website, and answer the questions on the website about your chimney and any problems that you are having with your chimney and fireplace.

What happens after a virtual chimney inspection?

After you submit your photos and information, one of Environmental Chimney Service’s chimney experts will review your photos and comments. They will contact you to let you know if your fireplace or chimney requires an in-person inspection, or they will talk to you about likely repairs and schedule those repairs, if appropriate. If you have not had an in-person annual chimney sweeping and inspection, we will recommend an in-person visit, as recommended by the National Fire Prevention Association, to keep your home and family safe.

Why schedule a virtual chimney assessment?

A virtual chimney inspection can save you time and money! If you aren’t having problems with your fireplace or chimney but haven’t had time to schedule your annual appointment, a virtual assessment can determine if your fireplace is safe to use until you can have it professionally serviced. If you are having a problem, a virtual chimney inspection can tell you how immediately the problem should be addressed, and it can help you schedule repairs faster by saving you from the usual pre-repair, in-person assessment.

Don’t wait: Make sure your fireplace and chimney are Santa ready! Schedule your virtual chimney assessment with Environmental Chimney Service today!