After years and years of burning in your fireplace, your hearth’s masonry begins to deteriorate inevitably. Each time you burn, small levels of smoke escape out of the fireplace. When the smoke comes in contact with your hearth’s porous masonry, the masonry absorbs carbon particles from the smoke and soot. And all that’s left behind are dark stains, which takes away the beauty from your hearth’s masonry. So now you try your hardest to scrub it out, even with the harshest chemicals, it can be difficult — or downright impossible — to restore the look of your hearth’s masonry back to its former beauty. And that’s when you need Chimney Rx’s Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner to rescue you.

About Paint “N” Peel 

Remove Fireplace Stains with Paint “N” Peel - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceIt was formulated just to restore grimy fireplace masonry without harsh chemicals and excessive elbow grease. It is an environmentally friendly cleaner that won’t fill your home with harsh chemical fumes. Paint “N” Peel can be used on all sorts of hearth materials including brick, stone, slate, marble, tile, concrete, limestone and even cultured stone. With Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner, you can have your fireplace masonry looking brand new in no time.

How Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner works 

Chimney Rx’s Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner works like magic! First, paint the solution onto your hearth’s masonry with a paint brush. Then leave this thick, white solution in place for about 6 to 12 hours, giving it plenty of time to dry. Once it fully dries, you can peel it all off. Any soot, carbon particles or dust trapped within the masonry’s porous surfaces are pulled out. This process will instantly give you a cleaner hearth. Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner will restore the look of your hearth’s masonry back to brand new! 

Restoring your fireplace with Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner 

Are you tired of looking at a dingy hearth that makes your home seem older, darker and dirtier? You must give Chimney Rx Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner a try. Call our hearth and chimney experts right now, and we can apply Chimney Rx Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner to your hearth and restore it. You can rest assured that you will have the best looking fireplace and living space after using it, and it restores your fireplace back to new with minimal effort and cost too!