The holiday season has rushed by in a blur! For many of us, fall is the busiest time of year. The kids start back to school and suddenly we’re planning Halloween parties and costumes. Then, in no time, we’re onto Thanksgiving dinners and holiday shopping. Out of nowhere, the holiday celebrations begin and, before you can blink, it’s the new year!

It’s not too late to have your chimney swept - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceIn the rush of the fall months, it is easy for things to fall off of our to-do lists. Most people plan for their annual chimney sweeping and inspection in the fall. However, many homeowners get to the new year only to realize that they never scheduled their chimney cleaning! The good news is: It’s not too late to have your chimney swept this fire-burning season.

Enjoy your fireplace for the rest of the season

Getting past the holidays and into the new year can make it feel like the winter is drawing to a close. On the contrary, here in western North Carolina the cold temperatures drag through January, February and March. Sometimes these temperatures even go into April! The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your fireplace cleaned and inspected at least once per year. Also, preferably before you light your first fire of the fall. Even though it’s now January, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your fireplace or heating stove. Simply have your annual cleaning and inspection performed now.

Have a cleaner home

Many people resolve to have a cleaner home for the new year. Whether that is their annual new year’s tradition or if they are trying to turn over a new leaf for a fresh start. If your goal is to start the year with a cleaner home, scheduling a chimney sweeping can help you reach that goal! A chimney sweeping clears away creosote and debris that can cause foul odors to fill your home. Clearing your chimney also helps keep smoke flowing out of your chimney, rather than back into your home. This keeps dust off your floors and furniture, and smoke stains off of your hearth, walls and ceiling.

Plan for spring repairs

Your annual chimney sweeping isn’t just about cleaning your chimney flue; it is also about inspecting your chimney for signs of damage. Some examples include malfunctions, leaks and other problems. Cold, wet weather will often have us putting off chimney repairs for a later date. In turn, a late winter chimney inspection provides perfect timing for spring repairs! By planning your chimney inspection now, you can be first on the schedule for needed repairs this spring.

If you have rushed through the fall and into the new year without having your chimney cleaned and inspected, call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule your chimney sweeping today! We can have your chimney ready for the rest of this winter’s fires, help you get a cleaner home for the new year, and help you plan for any chimney repairs or upgrades this spring.