Masonry materials are prized for their strength and durability, which is why they are commonly used to construct chimneys. Masonry materials will endure wet weather, extreme temperatures, and high winds. However, masonry chimneys are not indestructible. Eventually, your masonry chimney may need to be repaired or rebuilt. In that case, you can rely on Environmental Chimney Service. In and around Asheville, North Carolina, we are the experienced choice for masonry chimney services. Here is what you need to know about chimney masonry damage and repairs.

What causes chimney masonry damage?

man laying down bricksThe No. 1 cause of chimney masonry damage is water. Masonry materials are porous, which means they absorb water from rain, sleet, and snow. The water can weaken and damage the masonry quickly. When temperatures drop and water freezes inside the masonry, it expands. This causes the masonry to crack and crumble. This type of damage can happen both on the chimney’s exterior and within the interior. You should never ignore these kinds of damages, but you should address them immediately.

Why should you address chimney masonry damage immediately?

Chimney masonry repair isn’t a home repair to ignore. Masonry chimney damage can put your home at risk of fire damage, smoke damage, water damage and more. When your chimney’s masonry is weakened, the chimney can fail to perform its basic function of containing the heat and smoke from your fire. Cracks in the chimney can also allow heat, smoke, and embers to escape and gain access to your home. This can cause smoke damage to your home’s structure, or it can spark a dangerous and damaging home fire.

Weakened chimney masonry also worsens overtime. As cracks form in your chimney, more water is able to get inside your chimney. Water can leak into your home to cause mold or rotting your chimney or home’s structure. The chimney can deteriorate to the point where the structure becomes unstable. An unstable chimney can collapse and put pressure on your home’s foundation. In general, the longer you ignore chimney masonry damage, the more severe the damage will become, and the more expensive repair will be down the road.

What can you do to save your chimney from masonry damage?

The best way to protect your chimney from masonry damage is to monitor it and be on the lookout for signs of damage. If you notice any signs of damage, you should have your chimney evaluated by a professional. In fact, your chimney should be swept and inspected at least once per year, and the inspection will alert you to any changes or damages with your chimney.

If your chimney has masonry damage, call Environmental Chimney Service in the Asheville, North Carolina. We can address any type of chimney masonry damage, from simple masonry repairs to complete chimney rebuilds. Call to have your chimney’s masonry evaluated today!