Chimney caps are a critical piece of your chimney’s protection.

This is something that can be confusing to the average homeowner.  You wonder what it is and why you need it.  Many chimney technicians will recommend these for performance enhancement, not to be more fashionable.  To contact a professional call Environmental Chimney Sweep today!

Having a properly-sized chimney cap installed on top of your chimney is a smart step in extending the life of your chimney.

Having a properly-sized chimney cap installed on top of your chimney is a smart step in extending the life of your chimney.

What are the different types of chimney caps?

As there are many types of fireplaces, there are also many types of chimney caps.  First, there are metal chimneys, which are connected to wood stoves and prefabricated fireplaces.  Caps are vital to these types of chimneys, because there is no place for the rain to go if it does enter the chimney and can ruin the structure.  Also, animals will see the warmth and use the chimney as a home.

Since masonry fireplaces work a little differently, you must watch out what kind of cap you get, and a professional should always install them.  Caps will still help protect from rain and wildlife but can also affect your draft.  If you live in a particularly windy place caps can be beneficial, but if not installed correctly it can actually lessen the draft.

Why do you need a chimney cap?

The Chimney Safety institute of America (CSIA) explains that chimney caps are one of the most inexpensive and best ways to prevent chimney damage.  As mentioned, a chimney cap will keep rainwater away.  Besides destructing the liner, water can cause mold to grow.  If left long enough, mold can spread to the foundation of the rest of your home.  Also keeping nature out of the chimney is important to not only reduce the chance of chimney fires, but to also keep from having the draft blocked.  Keeping animals out of your home is important for many reasons.  First, they often carry diseases, which can be transmitted to the members of your family.  Also, if they get lose inside of the home you could risk the chance of them biting someone.  This is why you should always have a professional come if you suspect you have an unwanted guest.

Chimney caps are also important to help stop the spread of chimney fires.  When sparks make their way up the chimney, they can often get out and spread to other parts of the home.  Lastly, a chimney cap will help increase the life of your chimney’s liner.