When most animals enter a chimney, very few are capable of getting back out on their own. Most are stuck inside of the chimney, causing a variety of problems. The obvious problem is causing a blockage, preventing proper ventilation that could lead to a fire. But, they can also introduce such things as ticks, fleas, and parasites into the home.

Having animals removed from the chimney can be a very expensive undertaking for the homeowner. In addition to the labor hours, most services will also charge a fee per animal being removed. A nest of birds could end up costing $1,000 or more when all is said and done. With the financial and safety risks, homeowners need to take measures to keep the animals out of their chimney.

One preventive measure is to have your chimney company install a cap. This covering allows the gases to continue to ventilate through the top of the chimney, but uses a mesh screen to prevent animals and debris from being able to get down the chimney. Above the mesh is a steel cover, offering further protection from larger animals.

A cheaper alternative is using some sort of ultrasonic device that emits a signal to prevent animals from entering the area. While these are generally effective at keeping pests out, they do nothing to keep debris out of the chimney. This is just as dangerous as it can cause a blockage and end up igniting or prevent the carbon monoxide from leaving the home. The obvious dangers of this are a house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you have a chimney, why not enjoy it with peace of mind? If your chimney inspection and cleaning is scheduled soon, it is the perfect time to inquire about having a chimney cap installed. Doing so will prevent animals as well as debris from entering the chimney stack, resulting in further expenses or in the worst case, a house fire.