Chimney Caps: Increasing the Performance of Your Chimney

It’s the most beautiful season of the year —snow surrounding your home and community, Christmas carollers singing holiday cheers, and the perfect time to spend with those you love the most. This is also the peak season where your fireplace and chimney are used at optimum capacity and they always have to be at top condition. Don’t you just hate it when your fireplace or chimney has problems?  Worry no more. This can be prevented as there are many ways to increase the performance of your chimney and make sure it is functioning well. An annual sweeping and inspection is something that must be done.

Many problems can arise in your chimney because for the rest of the year it is mainly there to accentuate your living area. Without regular use, regular maintenance also gets forgotten. It’s normal for you to experience bird nests blocking your chimney flues, not enough draft coming in and out and the usual cracks and nicks from wear and tear. However, this should not be taken lightly because it can cost you your life if you do nothing to solve it. The build-up of soot and creosote in your chimney is just one of many consequences of ignoring your heating system.

Chimney caps keep debris, animals and birds from blocking your chimney. Improper draft is inefficient and can be dangerous.

Chimney caps keep debris, animals and birds from blocking your chimney. Improper draft is inefficient and can be dangerous.

Because of technology’s advancements in improvisation and innovation, people nowadays make more complex chimneys in brick, metal, stone, etc. for gas or wood fireplaces and even for connecting to wood-burning stoves. All these perform the necessary functions of a typical fireplace and chimney combination. What is needed is an unlimited access to oxygen, protection from excessive elements like wind and heavy rain, and a way to keep unwanted organisms or debris out of its flue.

Chimney Caps are the Solution

Chimney caps can definitely help increase the performance of your chimney. There is a variety of chimney caps for all shapes and sizes of chimneys. It basically functions as a barrier for unwanted elements such as tiny creatures from entering or objects that may cause harmful toxins to form and spread down the chimney and into your home. Not only that, it optimizes airflow and keeps negative air pressure from happening as well. Overall, it can keep your family safe and secure even when you’re not using your fireplace and all the more when you are.

Expert’s Advice

Licensed experts from Environmental Chimney Service, Incorporated want to provide only the best kind of service for you and your home. If you are planning to get a chimney cap installed in the near future, they are people to call. They will inspect, sweep and restructure the entire area of your chimney to make sure there are no damages to your chimney flues and liners. This takes skill and knowledge to get things done precisely and accurately. They exemplify only the best of chimney services where the environment you are in is also their priority.