A dingy hearth can make your home’s living space feel dingy, too, even if it’s otherwise spotless. Unfortunately, the masonry materials most often used for hearths are highly porous, which means they’ll absorb water, soot and any other material that they might come into contact with. Over time, just about any fireplace will adopt a dingy look, and stains will form on hearthstones.

Because hearthstones are so delicate, cleaning them can prove a challenge. Harsh chemicals can further stain or damage the masonry, while scrubbing at the stain with cleaners that are too gentle can work to spread the stains. When you remove stains the right way, then take care to preserve your hearth, your hearth can stay beautiful and add value to your home for years.

The Paint “N” Peel solution

How to Fix a Stained Fireplace - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceOne way to restore the look of your hearth is with a professional Paint “N” Peel application. The thick material is painted on to your fireplace by a professional to restore the condition of hearths and masonry. Over 6 to 12 hours, the Paint “N” Peel solutions hardens to a rubber-like layer. Once the solution has dried to the proper consistency, the hearth professional peels back the solution. The dirt and grime peels away with it, leaving behind a clean, rejuvenated hearth. With Paint “N” Peel, you can restore your hearth to its original beauty!

Preserving the Look of Your Fireplace

Once your fireplace has been restored to its original appearance with a Paint “N” Peel treatment, you’ll want to keep it looking great! First and foremost, you will want to identify the cause of your fireplace’s staining. A fireplace stained with soot means that smoke has been drafting out of your fireplace instead of up and out of your chimney. Your fireplace, and likely your surrounding décor, walls and ceiling, will continue to become soot stained and dingy unless you take steps to correct your chimney’s improper drafting. White efflorescent streaks or red rust stains are a sign that water is making its way in through your chimney. You’ll want to address that problem, not only because it’s staining your hearth, but because water intrusion can severely damage your chimney and fireplace, and even your home. Finally, be careful with what you put in contact with your chimney. Place a buffer underneath potted plants or décor that you place on your chimney to prevent staining.

If your dingy hearth drags down the look of your home, it cleaned up with a Paint “N” Peel treatment! Call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule your Paint “N” Peel treatment today. Our fireplace technicians restore the look of your hearth! We also help you identify and correct any underlying issues that lead to the excessive staining of your hearth!