Like any other component of your home, your chimney requires regular maintenance. This includes occasional repairs and eventual upgrades. Want to make sure your chimney is cared for properly? Then be sure to hire a chimney sweep who has been trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). 

Hire A Certified Chimney Sweep Image - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceHire a CSIA-certified sweep to clean and inspect your chimney.

Your regular chimney maintenance should include an annual sweeping and inspection. Additionally, you should rely on a CSIA-certified sweep to ensure that your chimney is clean. Also, free from obstructions and damage, and safe to use. CSIA-certified chimney sweeps have been trained in proper chimney sweeping techniques. A CSIA-certified chimney sweep will carefully sweep and inspect your chimney in line with the CSIA’s chimney sweeping and inspection recommendations.

Hire a CSIA-certified sweep to repair your chimney.

There are a lot of companies out there who will repair your chimney. However, will they repair it the right way? Many companies cut corners to perform masonry repairs and rebuilds quickly. What happens when chimney and fireplace repairs aren’t done properly? You’ll end up paying to have your chimney repaired again, when it becomes obvious that the repair didn’t fix your chimney problems. In the meantime, an improperly repaired chimney or fireplace can pose a hazard to your home and your family. When you hire a CSIA-certified company to repair your chimney or chimney, you can be sure that the repair was done the right way!

Hire a CSIA-certified sweep to upgrade your fireplace or chimney.

Are you ready to upgrade your fireplace or chimney? If so, a CSIA-certified sweep can help you to choose the right fireplace appliance or chimney component. CSIA-certified sweeps understand proper fireplace and chimney construction, installation, and clearance. By hiring a CSIA-certified sweep to upgrade your fireplace or chimney, you can be sure you’ll get an upgrade that’s safe. Not to mention, ideal for your home and in compliance with local building codes.

Call Environmental Chimney Service to hire a CSIA-certified technician.

Are you in need of a chimney sweeping and inspection, chimney repairs, or a chimney or fireplace upgrade? If so, contact Environmental Chimney Service! Environmental Chimney Service has gone through the rigorous training and testing involved to become a CSIA-certified company. That means Environmental Chimney Service will care for your chimney and fireplace the right way. Also, in compliance with CSIA regulations, recommendations, and best practices.

On top of that, we’ve sworn to uphold the CSIA code of ethics. This means we’ll treat our customers respectfully and professionally. Plus, we will educate our customers to the best of our ability on the proper care, maintenance and operation of their fireplace and chimney system. When you rely on a CSIA-certified chimney sweep like Environmental Chimney Service, you can be confident that your fireplace has been cared for properly and is safe for use, and that you will be treated fairly!