Most people forget to remove lint from the trap in the clothes dryer, let alone keep their dryer vents clean. A buildup of lint and other debris results in an unclean dryer vent that operates inefficiently. It can also allow carbon monoxide into the home and increase the risk of an exhaust fire. Having the dryer inspected annually can prevent these hazards.

Environmental Chimney Sweep - Buildup of Dryer Lint

This is what can buildup inside your dryer vent. It is extremely flammable, and must be cleaned regularly.

An inspection will reveal inadequacies in the ductwork as well as the venting process. If the transition duct that joins the dryer to the wall is made of plastic, it should be replaced with a non-flammable metal version. Modern homes often have dryers located away from the outside wall in a kitchen, bathroom, or closet, requiring longer, more intricate venting that can trap more lint and serve as a home for animals.

Annual inspection of the dryer exhaust ducts identifies lint buildup and ensures efficient operation of the appliance. When the exhaust duct is clean, moisture and heat safely escape the home. Clean gas dryers will not emit carbon monoxide into the house. An annual checkup increases safety and prevents wasted energy and natural resources.

When the dryer operates at peak efficiency, it works only as hard and runs only as long as necessary. This extends the lifetime of the appliance and prevents hazards like fires resulting from overworked safety controls or burning heating elements. The cost of a preventative annual dryer duct inspection is far less than the expense of replacing the dryer or dealing with a house fire.

To prevent the hazards of an unclean dryer vent, homeowners should make reminders for vent cleaning each year. An inspection by a dryer exhaust technician certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America keeps the home safer and increases the lifetime of the clothes dryer. The dryer will operate as intended, providing reliable service for many years.