All things have a limit in lifespan and your firebox is no exception. Know when it's time to have your firebox replaced.

All things have a limit in lifespan and your firebox is no exception. Know when it’s time to have your firebox replaced.

With spring in the air people are getting all of their household chores done before they spend their summer vacationing and grilling out with the family. You will need to have your chimney swept and inspected if you have not already – as this is the perfect time to clean up after the burning season. During your inspection, technicians will also be able to tell if you have anything else that needs to be repaired. If circumstances are more severe, you may need a complete firebox replacement. To learn more about this, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced professional, call Environmental Chimney Sweep.

What is a firebox?

Each firebox is unique because there are so many different types of chimneys. The firebox is the place where most of the heat is generated, so it needs to always be in great condition. If you do not have a cover on your chimney, water can get in and mix with the soot to cause acid and deterioration to the metal parts. To learn more about the different parts of your fireplace as well as the firebox, click here.

When do you know you need to replace your firebox?

You may not even realize a firebox is even something that needs replacing. A prefabricated unit will not last as long as a permanent structure. Extreme weather such as tornados and hurricanes can also be destructive to your firebox, due to water and rust or breaks. Lastly, everyday use can cause wear on all parts of the fireplace.

How are fireboxes replaced?

Along with other fireplace repairs, it is not recommended that you do this yourself, because a malfunction can put the safety of your home and family in danger. When you have selected the technician for the job, they will come in and chisel off the front part of the firebox. Sometimes parts of the firebox have to be ordered, so if you are sensing a problem, do not wait to call in help. When the new tiles are ready, the technician can take down the old and clip up new ones. However, they may have an alternative method that would work better than the common methods. When they are finished installing, they can apply different designs to fit the look of your home.