When a company sets up operation, safety is sometimes overlooked in order to create a more profitable operation. It is important that safety take a forefront for a variety of reasons. It is vital that a fire safety program be set into place before the doors are even open in order to comply with fire codes.

Fire safety for your business

  • Fire Exits – It is vital that there are fire exits that are clearly marked and kept unlocked any time there are employees in the building. In the case of a fire, these doors should also be alarmed so that all employees are alerted to the fire. If there are no exits that are strictly used during a fire, then all exits should be considered fire exits and should be marked.
  • Fire Alarm Inspections – All fire alarms should be routinely checked to ensure that they are in good working order. If they are not, your employees may not be aware of the fire until it is too late and tragedy happens. The fire alarms should be tested at least once every three months to ensure that they will work if the need ever arises.
  • Training Staff – All staff should be aware of the safety procedures that are in place when there is a fire in the building. They should also know where all the fire exits are and the floor plan that gets them to those exits. This should be a part of the employment package that is given to all new employees so they know the procedures from the first day of their employment.

All businesses need to have fire safety procedures in place according to local laws. It is vital to make sure that there are clearly marked fire exits and that all fire alarms are fully tested and inspected. Finally, train all of the staff so that they know what all of the procedures are and where the exits are located.