On the heels of recently reported evidence that children sleep through smoke and CO alarms, routine inspections and proper fire safety measures have never been more important. The services of venting and fireplace professionals may still cost the same, but the value is ever increasing. Newly aware that alarms may fail to wake their children, homeowners all across America need to re-think their escape plans and improve the fire safety of their homes.

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Spring is a good time of year to call in the professionals for thorough inspections and cleanings of chimneys and dryer vents. If you are worried by the news about your alarms, at least it came at a good time. Spring inspections of potential fire hazards hold benefits beyond just giving peace of mind.

Alarming Fire Safety News

Fire safety was already more difficult for people with children, for any number of well known reasons:

  • kids play with fire
  • kids mean more laundry
  • kids raise fireplace concerns
  • kids knock over candles and keep running
  • kids leave things cooking on stoves
  • kids are more worth protecting than anything

Even single people can sympathize with the position parents are in, concerned now about how soundly they themselves sleep. This news has cast a whole new light on exercising responsible fire safety, but the report fell short of fully advising homeowners how to respond. Mentioning only escape plans, it has left many feeling uncertain of how to protect their children when they are not around to wake them.

Inspections Offer the Answers to Questions About Alarms

Inspection by certified professionals of your home’s heat-producing systems and clothes dryer venting is the safest way to go. It should be done now, and the frequency with which it needs to be done should be discussed with the professional who does it. The failure of alarms to wake your children or yourself is not really a problem if the fire never starts, so schedule your inspection today.