The chimney sweeping or cleaning process requires quite a few tools. Let us take a look at what these cleaning tools are:

The primary tool needed is the chimney cleaning brush. This comes in various sizes. It can be chosen according to the one that fits the chimney that is to be cleaned. Using an extension rod with it the cleaning brush helps to reach the chimney insides with ease. Whether the chimney is square or round on the top, this brush can suit any type.

Next comes the ladder. To reach the chimney on top of the house, a ladder is a must-have. It should be sturdy, stable, and solid enough to hold the sweep’s weight for quite some time. The sweep needs to be comfortable on the high position while cleaning the chimney top. It requires effort, balance and dexterity to be perched on a high stand and to do the job at the same time.

Another tool that is required is a pair of hand brushes. Once the chimney is cleaned of the dirt and the creosote, all the debris that falls on the outside of the chimney on the roof might as well be cleaned. It is at this time that the hand brushes come in handy. They help to dust off the surfaces to make them clean and dirt free. Hand brushes can also be used to clean the inside of the house in case there has been any mess that has fallen back from the chimney.

Another tool that is a favorite pick for a professional cleaner is chimney soot remover. While cleaning the chimney, the soot can fall from the chimney on the floor and all over the carpet. Soot can spoil and stain the floor, walls, ceilings, skin, and carpet. A soot remover will always come in handy when the time comes to clean up the mess created from this black powder.

A vacuum pump also comes useful when the leftovers need to be cleaned after the main cleaning process. The cleaning process mainly concentrates on getting rid of the massive chunk of lint, creosote, and soot. But after all this is cleaned, some debris remain and it must also be cleaned. It is at this time that a vacuum pump can take away all this dirt.

All these equipment are the obvious choices for professional chimney cleaners.