Here at Environmental Chimney Service, we take pride in keeping chimneys throughout the Asheville area looking great and functioning as efficiently as possible. One way we’re able to do this is by providing residents with chimney sweepings and inspections, both of which are essential for keeping your system standing tall and strong for the long haul.

Why are these such a necessity? Learn more below. Then, give us a call to set up an appointment with our team. We would love to help you out!

Avoiding Danger & Damageschimney sweep on roof

If you ask a CSIA certified sweep, like our president Richie Baxley, they’ll tell you that scheduling an annual chimney inspection is a must. Inspections keep your structure in good shape. This is because it gives sweeps adequate opportunity to detect build-up and damages before these problems get any worse.

If creosote and clogs are accumulating in your flue, your risk of experiencing chimney fires increases significantly, and you will find yourself struggling to maintain good airflow, too. Both of these things make your fireplace unsafe to use, putting you and your loved ones at risk of physical injury and carbon monoxide inhalation. 

On top of this, chimney fires create holes and cracks in the masonry, which give flames clear pathways to escape into your home. The structural damage from a fire can be devastating, costing you hundreds, or even thousands, in repair work. An inspection is a worthwhile investment for any fireplace owner, significantly minimizing the risk of experiencing issues. 

Benefits Of Early Scheduling

Now, many will readily admit that getting an inspection and sweeping on the books is a must, but most end up putting this maintenance on the back burner until fall and winter weather arrives. What a lot of homeowners fail to realize is that scheduling their inspection earlier in the year, like now during the summer months, is beneficial for many reasons.

How so? Well, for one thing, you beat the fall rush. Our calendars are a lot more open right now, so we will be able to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. If you wait until fall, it may take some effort to find an available time that doesn’t disrupt your busy schedule.

It also allows ample time to complete any necessary repair work. All too often, homeowners get their inspection done later in the year, only to find out that they have damages to address before they can put their fireplace to use, putting a damper on holiday events and making chilly evenings indoors much less cozy.

To top it off, many of the materials we use cure better in a warmer temperature range, making this time of year the best time of year for getting those long-lasting results you deserve.

Trust In Us!

Richie Baxley has been in this industry for decades now and has put in the time, effort, and training necessary for bringing you the best chimney care possible. No matter what state your system is in, we are certain our team can help. Call today at 828-243-0098, so we can get started!