Choosing the right professionals to care for your home, whether you’re in need of a plumber or a chimney sweep, is always a challenge. You want someone whose work you know will be done properly to keep your home looking good and functioning properly. If you’re searching for a chimney company to sweep, inspect, repair or improve your fireplace or chimney, take the time to check out all of the services we offer, and view our gallery to see some of the projects we’ve completed. When you check out the Environmental Chimney Service website, you’ll get information on all of our services!


Check Out Our Work First - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney Service• Chimney sweeping. Chimney cleanings protect your home from the dangers of a chimney fire. They also keep your chimney functioning properly and your home free of foul odors. Environmental Chimney Service is certified in chimney sweeping by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)

• Chimney inspections. The CSIA recommends chimney inspections annually, when a property changes hands, when a system has undergone changes or when the chimney has suffered trauma from a fire, earthquake or severe storm. Environmental Chimney Service is also trained to provide Level 1 through Level 3 inspections to ensure that your chimney is structurally sound and safe for use.

• Chimney leaks and repairs. Built to withstand the elements, chimney still require regular repairs. Leaks are common, as is the crumbling away of mortar or brick faces due to exposure to moisture and freezing temperatures. 

• Chimney flue resurfacing. Chimney interiors also can break down over time, developing cracks or holes due to moisture and heat damage. To deal with this problem, Environmental Chimney Service offers chimney relining with HeatShield. HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant can resurface the interior of your chimney to restore its strength and protect your home from the heat, smoke and fire that enters your chimney from the fireplace.

• Hearth cleaning. Stone or brick hearths become dingy over time, due to dust in your home and soot from your fireplace. Environmental Chimney Service can restore the look of your hearth with Paint “N” Peel fireplace cleaner. Paint “N” Peel is applied to the fireplace’s masonry face and allowed to dry. It pulls the grime away and renews the look of your hearth.

• Dryer vent cleaning. Chimneys aren’t the only ventilation systems in your home that require cleaning and inspection! Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended a minimum of once per year to lower your risk of a dangerous home fire and improve dryer efficiency.

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