Siding, gutters, windows, patios — There are limited ways you can enhance the outside of your home. Environmental Chimney Service gives you one more way to up your curb appeal: Clay pots for your chimneyClay Pots stack!

About decorative clay pots

If you’ve never paid attention, you might be wondering just what a clay pot is. Clay pots, also called chimney stacks, chimney cans and Tudor chimneys, have been popular for centuries in European countries that enjoy mild winters. Originally, the pots were all about function. Affixed to the top of a chimney flue, clay pots have a long line that tapers upwards and has vents at the top to exhausted smoke. The design of clay pots helps enhance the draft of the fire, which was especially important when slow-burning fuel, like coal, was used to heat homes. Over the years, clay pots became more ornate in nature. On mansions and castles, clay pots were extraordinary showpieces, and even on more modest homes, clay pots were used to add to the style and architecture of the home. Often, homes with multiple flues from one chimney would feature a row of chimney pots.

Clay pots and your chimney

Whether you’re looking for form or function, a clay pot can enhance your chimney and enhance the look of your home. If your chimney struggles with a faulty draft, often it can be resolved by extending the length of your chimney flue. A clay chimney pot can accomplish just that with minimal construction. When it comes to form, a clay pot can add to your home’s curb appeal no matter what style of home you have. While clay pots have historic origins, they have been adapted over the years to suit a variety of home trends. If you do have a historical home, be it Tudor, Victorian or Arts and Crafts, a clay pot in the right style can add to the historic appeal of your home. The hallmark of modern homes are long, sleek lines. Chimney pots, by nature, are sleek vertical structures, which means a clay pot can add to the drama of your home’s roofline. Clay pots also are perfect for European-style home, whether your home’s look is inspired by Italian or Spanish architecture.

Do you love the thought of enhancing your home with a clay pot? Call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule a consultation! We can talk to you about the look you’re trying to achieve on your home and assess your chimney’s current draft. We’ll help you find a clay chimney pot in the look you want with the function you need, and we will explain to you what it will take to top your chimney flue with a clay chimney pot.