Is your chimney ready for the fall and winter months ahead? If not, the team here at Environmental Chimney Service is here to help! This cooler time of year can bring a lot of rain, sleet, and snow, and it’s imperative that your chimney is protected against it all. One way we can achieve this is by waterproofing. Learn more below.

Avoiding Decay & Deterioration

a masonry chimney Many don’t realize this, but your brickwork and mortar are actually pretty absorbent. It doesn’t take long for water to work its way in and start breaking things down, so the sooner you get that masonry shielded the better off you will be down the line. Gaps, cracks, holes, and other types of decay can result in smoke, flames, and poisonous gases entering your home, which is something no family should have to face. Ensure your chimney is safe from it all by investing in our waterproofing services today.

The Freeze/Thaw Process

Another common chimney problem in Asheville, NC is the cold weather that we are prone to experience every winter. If temperatures drop below freezing and your brickwork is filled with water, then you will likely face the freeze/thaw process. When this occurs, the water in your masonry freezes and expands, which puts a lot of extra pressure on your structure. If this occurs multiple times a season, you’re looking at a lot of harmful strain on your chimney!

All in all, damaged brickwork, crumbling mortar, and damages that never get addressed lead to things like settlements and collapses, so why take any chances? Call in our experts right now, so that we can get your fireplace ready for use before the fall rush.

We Can Handle Leaks, Waterproofing & More

If you need waterproofing services, then there’s likely damage in your structure that needs to be addressed before. Whether your crown is suffering, your flashing is rusted, your cap is missing, or something else, we can waterproof your chimney to avoid leaks and water damage down the line. Our waterproofing products are strong and vapor permeable, so you don’t have to worry about moisture getting trapped inside of your structure. When it comes to your fireplace and chimney, we don’t skimp on care. Our technicians are dedicated to excellence every step of the way. As a CSIA certified pro, you can bet our president, Richie Baxley, sets our standards high!

Ready to get started? Fall and winter weather is on its way, so don’t hesitate. If you want to ensure you are all set and ready to go when the holidays arrive, please reach out to our team of experts today!