Many fireplace owners underestimate the benefits they gain from scheduling their maintenance earlier in the year, rather than waiting. The convenience of beating the rush and completing repair work weeks ahead of time is undeniable. At Environmental Chimney Service, we urge everyone in Asheville and its surrounding areas to schedule their inspection ASAP so that they don’t miss out.

Why Waiting Can Lead To Trouble

fireplace insert with brick surroundConsider this scenario: You schedule your annual chimney inspection in the fall, and despite the busy schedule of you and the chimney company, you’re able to find a convenient time. Great! Unfortunately, upon inspecting your structure, they find excess creosote, broken down parts, or crumbling masonry. This means scheduling additional care. With so many people fighting to get their last-minute maintenance, booking an appointment may not be so easy at this time. The fact is that chimney sweeps’ schedules fill up fast in the fall and winter, and accommodating everyone’s calendar isn’t always an easy task.

Along with this, performing masonry repairs in cooler weather doesn’t always yield the long-lasting results you would hope for. In order for the materials to cure properly, it’s essential to apply them in a warmer temperature range, if conditions get snowy or icy, we could face delays.

All in all, we believe you deserve the most convenient care, and we always want to ensure your structure is able to withstand the test of time. By getting your inspection, sweeping, and repair work done now, you’ll ensure you’re good to go when temperatures drop! While your neighbors are left scrambling to get their maintenance, you’ll be relaxing in front of a cozy fire!

The Importance Of Hiring A Certified Professional

If you’re looking for reliable care, then turn to the team at Environmental Chimney Service. Our owner, Richie Baxley, is CSIA certified and part of the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association, so you can rest easy using your fireplace. This award-winning crew is qualified to take on anything, and they put in the time, dedication, and training necessary for getting the job done right.

When hiring a chimney company, certifications play an important role. When operating your fireplace, even a small flaw or minor gap could lead to dangerous situations for you and family such as gas leaks, house fires, and more. Don’t take any chances. If you want to move forward with peace of mind, the time to call on our expert technicians is now!