If you are looking for a new fireplace or looking to update an existing one, you should consider a floating hearth. Floating hearths sit underneath the fireplace and “float” above the ground with empty space below. They are perfect for homeowners who want a modern look. Even if you have little to no space in your house, we can still outfit your fireplaces with a new hearth. Here’s what you need to know about floating hearths.

Floating hearths can be minimalist or make an architectural statement

modern fireplace Floating hearths are popular for homeowners who want to accent their fireplace with a hearth. They are wonderful if you have little floor space or walking space around an existing fireplace. That’s because floating hearths don’t require an underlying foundation. They can add flair even when they are designed to take up little space. Floating hearths don’t have to be small. However, they can make a stunning architectural detail by rounding the corner of a fireplace wall or spanning from wall to wall.

Floating hearths can be constructed from a variety of materials

Floating hearths can fit any homes style. In addition to being able to be designed to fit any space, floating hearths can be constructed from a variety of materials. The most popular materials for floating hearths include concrete and stainless steel for a modern look, marble, and stone for a classic look, and rough rock and wood for a more rustic look.

Floating hearths can be multi-functional

Floating hearths can do more than serve as an accent to your fireplace. They can form a shelf underneath your fireplace for storing fireplace tools, firewood or décor. In homes with more space, a floating hearth can form a bench in front of and next to the fireplace. They can also be incorporated into other architectural features, such as shelves or windows, to create a custom, built-in look around your fireplace.

You can have a custom floating hearth designed for your fireplace

Regardless of your existing fireplace design, style or vision for your home, we can design the perfect floating hearth for you. You can create a floating hearth to fit your desired space with the material of your choice. A floating hearth is an easy way to create a fireplace that’s uniquely yours.

If you’re ready to outfit your hearth with a unique floating hearth, or if you want to explore your options of floating hearths, Environmental Chimney Service is here to help! We can design and install a floating hearth that will fit your vision.