Chimney and fireplace problems cause many issues within your home, and they can render your fireplace unusable. From water damage to a house fire, you should address these issues and dangers caused by a damaged fireplace or chimney as soon as possible. We know everyone has busy lives, and often, chimney repairs fall to the wayside. You have to get a contractor to come out, assess the damage, provide a strategy for addressing the problem and a quote. Then you have to schedule another time to address the repairs. Just getting to the point of repairs is time-consuming and frustrating.

At Environmental Chimney Service,we offer the Virtual Chimney Assessment. This gives you the power the freedom to address your chimney issues on your own time! You can use our Virtual Chimney Assessment to expedite the repair process too. With the Virtual Chimney Assessment, you don’t have to set an appointment and wait for a chimney technician to visit your home to assess the problem. You can skip a step and move right to repairs.

Remove a step with a Virtual Chimney Assessment

man sweeping chimneyA Virtual Chimney Assessment from Environmental Chimney Service allows you to bypass one of the steps for addressing chimney or fireplace repairs. With a Virtual Chimney Assessment, you submit photos and videos of your chimney and fireplace and describe your concerns. That footage is reviewed by a certified chimney technician. Based on the images, videos and your write-up, the certified chimney technician then prescribe a course of repairs for your chimney. A Virtual Chimney Assessment saves you from the initial chimney inspection appointment, so you can move straight to repairs.

Get started with your Virtual Chimney Assessment

Having your chimney reviewed by a professional chimney technician with a Virtual Chimney Assessment from Environmental Chimney Service is quick and simple. You can visit our website to view a video that fully explains the process. It also advises you on providing the information and images necessary for a remote assessment.

For homeowners, this means take a photo or video of your chimney from the outside of your home that shows the entirety of your chimney structure. Next, you repeat this inside too. You take a photo or video of your interior hearth from floor to ceiling. Finally, you provide photos or video of the inside of your firebox. If possible, we also recommend a picture up your chimney flue too. Then, you submit these photos or videos along with a description on our website. After that, our  chimney technician will follow up with their recommendations for repairing your fireplace or chimney.

Ignoring chimney or fireplace issues is dangerous and damaging to your home, but we know it is difficult to find the time to get your chimney assessed. With a Virtual Chimney Assessment from Environmental Chimney Service, you save time and effort! Visit our Virtual Assessment page to find out more!