There are 7 simple tips that are sometimes overlooked when thinking about the safety of a chimney.

  1. Chimneys should be checked regularly. It is good to look for flaws and deterioration at least twice a month. Along with a check-up, chimneys should always be cleaned well. The creosote that builds up can make it a hundred times more dangerous, so it is better to remove it as soon as it piles up in the cap.
  2. Second, for a safe chimney, you should hire a professional to visit and check the chimney. This job is easy because you only have to do it annually. Let the experts do the job for you. Let them check the entire chimney, including the cap, the fireplace and the linings.
  3. The third tip involves the wood that you are going to use when firing up the fireplace. Use only wood that produces less creosote, gives more heat, and that stays lit the longest.
  4. For the fourth secret, remember to build a fire that is small, but also hot. Do not burn your stock wood all at once, because this will be too smoky. This will distribute creosote up the chimney walls and not into your home.
  5. The fifth secret emphasizes on the other things that surround the chimney. Remember that a chimney is not all about the fire and the heat it gives. Foreign objects like insects, rainwater, and even temperature may affect the safety of the chimney. Do your best to protect your chimney from these perils.
  6. Warmer than usual winters can lead to more creosote buildup, so keep this in mind when you have a warm winter. Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Call a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney.
  7. Be careful with your chimney tools. Things like screens, hoods, and fire pokers can be dangerous. Never treat them as if they were a toy. Make sure any kids in the house understand this.