chimney in winter Image - Asheville NC - Envriromental ChimneyThe days have gotten shorter, the temperatures have started to dip, and the trees are displaying fall’s vibrant colors. That can only mean one thing: Winter’s colder temperatures will soon take hold, and you will be ready to light the first fire of the season. Make sure you have your fireplace serviced before winter!

Reduce your risk of a home fire.

The No. 1 reason to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected each fall is to lower your risk of a home fire. A dirty chimney, whether it has creosote buildup or a blockage from an animal nest or environmental debris, can ignite and pose a real danger to your home and your family. A crack in your chimney liner can allow the heat, smoke and carbon monoxide from your fire place to leak out of your chimney and damage your home’s structure or sicken you. When you have your chimney swept and inspected before winter starts, you can feel confident that your family will be safe when you light your first fire.

Spot any problems.

In addition to spotting dangerous problems like a crack in your flue liner, your fireplace and chimney inspection can spot problems before they cause you major damage or major inconvenience. During your inspection, your chimney technician could spot a faulty damper, damaged or dislodged chimney cap, weakened flashing or early stages of a chimney leak, among other things. Your annual chimney inspection allows you to catch problems early, before they become a major home-maintenance issue, or before they can interfere with your winter fires.

Voice any concerns.

When you have your chimney swept and inspected in preparation for the winter, it also gives you the opportunity to talk to your sweep about any concerns you have about your fireplace and chimney. Did you notice your fireplace smoking occasionally last winter? Has your damper become difficult to open and close? Does it take a while to ignite your gas fireplace’s pilot light? While you might have noticed some issues that you felt weren’t worthy of a separate service call, your annual sweeping and inspection is the perfect time to discuss any concerns.

Talk about upgrades.

Your annual chimney sweeping and inspection also is the perfect time to talk to your sweep about any improvement’s you’ve been considering. Your chimney sweep is a chimney and fireplace expert; he can talk to you about a fireplace insert, switching your fuel type, refacing your hearth, adding a top-sealing damper or any other fireplace or chimney improvements you may have considered. When you schedule your sweeping and inspection now, you might even have time to make your fireplace improvements before your first fall fire!

Call to schedule your appointment today!

If you still need to have your annual chimney sweeping and inspection, call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule your appointment today. We will make sure your chimney is clean, safe and in good repair for winter!