With warmer nights and the fireplace soon to be swept out for the last time until fall, it is time to make the outdoors great. In some places, the weather is already perfect for grilling steaks on the deck or firing pizzas in the outdoor brick oven. That means it is time to make sure the grill is clean and quickly inspect the oven’s exterior for cracks.

Chimney Inspections Are Vital - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney

That brings another good thought to mind: schedule an inspection and professional sweep of your chimney. It should be inspected before the fireplace is used again, and spring is actually a great time to have someone do it. It does not make much sense to leave recently formed creosotes there to corrode the flue for five or six months.

So Why Wait?

In fact, with spring and summer in the air, so is rain, and the chimney is as exposed to water as much as ever. If creosote is corroding the flue, moisture is getting into it, and considerable damage could be done over the next six months. The sooner they are removed, the less long term damage soot and creosote does to a fireplace system, so why wait?

Lovely warm air and gentle breezes are unfortunately causing allergies to flare up during the spring. That is another good reason to have your chimney inspected and cleaned now, since everything trapped in it aggravates congestion. Lots of musty smells and acrid aromas can be eliminated now with a good cleaning of the fireplace and chimney, so – again – why wait?

You Know What’s Coming

At this time of year, wanting to focus on the outdoors is only natural, and spring is the right time of year to think about decks, yards, and gardening. It is also a good time to do some annual cleaning and leave everything in good condition for the rain and humidity that are coming. That includes your fireplace system and its all important chimney, which needs regular inspection anyway, so …why wait?