American homes have put their trust in fireplaces since the first settlers. Early fireplaces were the heart of the homes. Larger homes had fireplaces in nearly every living space, while in simpler homes, large fireplaces were built for heating, lighting, and cooking.

Today, we don’t rely as heavily on fireplaces, but they do play an important role in our homes. Today’s fireplaces is a source of heat, helping us to heat our home more effectively and efficiently. Modern fireplaces also provide a lovely amenity. They provide a visual anchor and a place for friends and family to gather. With the new year nearly upon us, there’s still plenty of winter to endure. Be sure your fireplace is ready for the coldest part of the year by scheduling a fireplace inspection now.

Why you need a fireplace inspection

masonry chimney with a blue sky backgroundWhether you have a wood-burning, gas or pellet-burning fireplace, a fireplace inspection is crucial to ensure yours is free of damage or defects. Normal wear and tear cause parts of your fireplace to lose its functionality. At a minimum, it can cause you a struggle to light your fireplace or cause it to burn less efficiently. At worst, damage or wear on your fireplace or chimney can put your home and family at risk of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

A fireplace inspection ensures that your fireplace is operating as it should, and it doesn’t pose any danger in your home. Chimneys, blowers, and vents need a cleaning and check up for obstructions or damage regularly. Gaskets, door seals, pilots, and starters also need inspections to ensure they are in working condition. The firebox is another part that needs check up for cracks or defects.

Schedule your fireplace inspection for the new year with Environmental Chimney Service

At Environmental Chimney Service, we know how important a fireplace is to a home. If your fireplace hasn’t been inspected this year, start the new year off right, and contact us to schedule your fireplace inspection. Our certified chimney technician can clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney so you can enjoy your fireplace without worry this winter!