Due to regular use of chimneys, it can wear down and crack, leading to dangerous situations. This situation can also arise if good care is not taken when using a chimney for a long time. So the only way to mend this situation is by either tearing down the entire chimney and rebuilding it again, or by relining it completely. Now the first option is labor intensive, expensive and at times not possible. However, the second option is viable, as it is doable even though it is not as easy as it sounds.

Either a stainless steel chimney liner, or a flexible chimney liner can be used. Since many chimneys have offsets towards the top, a flexible chimney liner becomes the obvious choice. This too has some variety. The first variant is a smooth inner wall chimney liner, and is best suited for a flexible liner. The second variant is a corrugated single wall chimney liner. If the thing in concern is a solid burning appliance like wood or coal, then this is not a good option. However, both the liners are made of stainless steel as aluminum is a definite no-no for such jobs.

Before relining a chimney, it should be free of any obstructions. The correct size of liner needs to be installed. If the liner is smaller or larger than the size required, it will decrease the draft. Most stainless steel chimney liners are installed from the top. However, if there is a problem in it going down, it should be spun back and forth rather than forcing it down. The next step is to insulate the liner. Insulation results in even heating, better draft and non formation of creosote. Using a vermiculite and concrete mixture for insulation, or a ceramic wool blanket are both effective options.

The liner must be placed within the insulation cover so that it helps the relining process. Once the insulation is complete, the relining process can be considered complete. But it is advisable to be careful about the process. The maintenance of accuracy in the relining process, and especially the insulation is the key to a successful  relining. There are professionals who are well equipped to do this job and with a little bit of research the perfect group of workers can be found who will use their expertise to reach a perfect end.