It is commonly known that you should have your chimney swept and inspected annually by a certified chimney sweep. This ensures your chimney is free from creosote or other dangers that could lead to a chimney fire. However, we know sometimes fall flies by and you’re ready to light your first fire before getting a sweeping in. If you’ve had your chimney swept and inspected, but a new crack or problem has been discovered.

If you’re worried about your chimney and want the opinion of a professional fast, we are here to help. We offer a new Virtual Chimney Assessment for our customers, so you can know the condition of your chimney without leaving the comfort of your home.  

How Virtual Chimney Assessment works

a white chimney against the blue skyIf you want to have a professional’s opinion on your chimney in a short notice, then our Virtual Chimney Assessment is the perfect solution. First, you need to take photos or videos of your chimney from a variety of angles. You need to take images of your chimney’s exterior from various angles too.

Concerning the inside of your home, take images of your hearth. You should also get some close-up video or images of your firebox floor, walls, and ceiling. If you’re able to access your flue, try to take a clear shot of your chimney’s interior from the firebox. All of these images can be submitted along with your information can be submitted through the Virtual Chimney Assessment on our website. 

After your Virtual Chimney Assessment

After submitting your video and images, one of our chimney experts will review your images and concerns. From there, we will provide an assessment. Sometimes, we may advise that your chimney and fireplace look fine and is safe to use, especially if you’ve kept up with your chimney maintenance. 

However, if we spot a potential problem with your chimney, we will follow up with you. We want to schedule an in-person chimney inspection to fully and further explore the problems with your fireplace and chimney.

Ritual Chimney Assessment Can’t Replace Your Annual Chimney Inspection

We know our Virtual Chimney Assessment can’t replace an in-person chimney inspection. If it’s been years since you’ve had your chimney or fireplace swept or inspected, you’ve recently purchased a home with a hearth appliance, you’ve suffered a chimney fire or your home has suffered damage that could have affected your chimney, you absolutely need to schedule a chimney inspection with our professionals today by calling 828-243-0098.

If you’re pressed for time and don’t see major problems with your fireplace or chimney — or if you have a question about whether your chimney should be inspected in person — take advantage of the convenience of our new Virtual Chimney Assessment today!