Are you buying a home this summer? You undoubtedly have a lot on your moving to-do list including a home inspection, packing boxes, painting, and putting your own touches on your new home. One thing you must not forget is a fireplace and chimney inspection. What is a chimney inspection? And do you really need one? We think it’s super important, especially when making the huge decision of buying a new home.

If I have a home inspection, why do I need a chimney inspection?

If you’re buying a new home, be sure to have the chimney checked - Asheville NC - Environmental Chimney ServiceMost home buyers don’t realize that the fireplace and chimney in their home requires an inspection by a certified chimney professional, even if they’ve had a home inspection. That’s because home inspectors are not chimney experts. A home inspector only look up and around your chimney for signs of water leaks or other damage. A home inspection will not determine whether your chimney and fireplace are operating properly or it’s safe for use.

How is a chimney inspection different from a home inspection?

A real-estate chimney inspection is a way more in depth check up of your chimney system than just a regular check up of your chimney during a home inspection. When a property changes hands, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends getting a Level 2 chimney inspection. During a Level 2 chimney inspection, your chimney technician carefully examines your fireplace’s firebox and look up your chimney for any signs of damage. From the rooftop, he will check the condition of your chimney flashing, the chimney cap, and the chimney crown, and he will look down the chimney for signs of chimney problems as well.

Your chimney inspector also access the chimney from all available points such as crawl spaces and attics. They will check these areas to verify that your chimney has been installed according to safety codes. The working components of the fireplace will be checked to make sure they are in good condition. The chimney inspection will end with an internal inspection. Your inspector will insert a specialized camera up the chimney flue to check the interior for signs of fire damage, water damage, cracks or gaps that prevent your chimney from working safely and efficiently.

How do I know if I need a chimney and fireplace inspection in my new home?

If your home has any hearth accessory such as a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, pellet stove, gas stove or woodstove, you need to schedule an inspection with a certified chimney professional. Even vent-less gas fireplaces or heating stoves needs to be inspected! An inspection by a certified chimney technician is the only way to ensure that your hearth appliances are safe for use.

Who can I call to inspect the chimney in my new home?

If you have just purchased a home with a hearth appliance, call Environmental Chimney Service at 828-243-0098 to schedule your real-estate chimney or fireplace inspection now! We are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and we can ensure that your fireplace and chimney are clean, in good repair and safe for use.