Every year, summer seems to fly by, with holiday celebrations, family reunions, vacations and fun weekend outings. Before we know it, we’re shopping for school supplies and preparing our home for the winter. With the whir of summer, fall home maintenance can creep up on you, and that includes your annual chimney sweeping. You know it’s not safe to use your chimney before it’s been swept and inspected for the year. When you delay scheduling your chimney sweeping, you can delay the use of your fireplace.

There is a solution to balancing your busy summer schedule with the demands of fall: Forward scheduling your chimney service!

What is forward scheduling?Forward schedule your chimney service! img - Asheville, NC - Environmental Chimney Service

Forward scheduling simply refers to scheduling a service well in advance so you don’t fall into a time crunch when you need that service. When it comes to scheduling your annual chimney service don’t wait until fall. Forward scheduling means calling to schedule your appointment now rather than waiting until fall hits. But that’s not all: Forward scheduling also means that you can forward schedule next year’s chimney service now. When you call to book this year’s appointment, ask about getting next year’s appointment on the calendar. That way you know that an important annual maintenance item will be taken care of.

Why forward schedule?

Forward scheduling can help you from forgetting to schedule your annual chimney service, but that’s not the only advantage to forward scheduling. When you forward schedule, you will be one of the first people to get your appointment on the books for the year. That means you can schedule an earlier service date to allow for a cushion before the fall. Being among the first to make your appointment for the year also means that you will have the first choice of appointment dates and times. You will also be better able to schedule a chimney sweeping appointment that’s convenient for you!

How do you forward schedule a chimney appointment?

Forward scheduling your annual chimney sweeping and inspection with Environmental Chimney Service is simple! You can call our office at 828-243-0098, or fill out the appointment request form via the Environmental Chimney Service website, and one of our friendly representatives will contact you. When scheduling your appointment, just let us know that you are interested in forward scheduling. We can help you set this year’s appointment, as well as next year’s. We can continue to work with you year after year to forward schedule for your convenience!