Creosote is a substance the forms in your chimney as you burn fires, and it can pose some serious threats to your household. This is one reason why the CSIA urges homeowners to invest in annual inspections! By hiring an educated, experienced chimney technician to look things over, you can ensure you enter your burning season free of creosote.

Creosote why its dangerous - asheville NC - environmental chimneyWhat does creosote look like exactly? Well, it comes in a few forms. It can either be light and flaky, sticky and tar-like, or glazed and glossy, but no matter which type you are dealing with, it can cause some major problems. Learn more about some of these issues below, then count on us to set you upright with a thorough sweeping. Environmental Chimney is here to keep Asheville and its surrounding cities as safe as possible!

Chimney Fires

Creosote is very flammable, so having too much of it in your flue can increase your risk of experiencing a chimney fire significantly. A chimney fire is when flames shoot up through your chimney, weakening your structure, wearing down your brickwork, and melting and warping any metal components you have, such as your flashing or chimney cap.

The damage these events cause takes a lot of time to address, and it’s bound to put a significant dent in your bank account, as well. Along with this, they make your fireplace unsafe for use, meaning you’ll be forced to put off any festive fires until the damages are fixed up.

Quite possibly the most alarming thing about chimney fires is their tendency to occur quietly, leaving the homeowner unaware that any threats are present. Many have continued to use their damaged chimney, not realizing they are putting their family at great risk by doing so. This is another big reason why investing in regular inspections is so vital!

Gas Leaks & House Fires

A fireplace that is put to use after a chimney fire will not function very efficiently, and there will be a much bigger likelihood of experiencing life-threatening events, such as carbon monoxide leaks or house fires. As various gaps, cracks, and holes form, flames and harmful gases could easily leak into one’s home, threatening the well-being of those inside it, and potentially triggering thousands in structural damages.

How Can I Minimize Creosote Accumulation?

What can you do to minimize the amount of creosote that forms in your chimney? Well, first things first, be sure to count on our team of experts to regularly check things over. We can ensure your creosote levels aren’t dangerous and, if there are threats, we can remove them promptly. If you’re ready to get your fall inspection on the books, the time to reach out is now!

Along with this, burning only seasoned wood in your fireplace will make a big impact on the amount of creosote that forms. Make sure your logs have been adequately dried out, and don’t throw any garbage in your fires, either. You’ll also want to make certain your fires are burning hot enough and that your flow isn’t restricted.

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